Welcome to the World of Deltares,

Deltares is a leading independent institute for applied research, operating worldwide in the field of water and subsurface. More than 800 specialists develop innovative insights to make living in deltas safe, sustainable and economically successful.

This app presents our strategic knowledge development agenda. We provide an overview of the complete Deltares portfolio containing strategic research, applied research, contract research for private partners and high-end consultancy. The portfolio is divided in five themes, each reflecting a challenge connected to living in the delta. The themes are:

  • Flood Risk
  • Environment
  • Water and Subsoil Resources
  • Delta Infrastructure and
  • Adaptive Delta Planning
Every theme consists of several multi-year programmes. The programme Software Innovation supports all themes.

We share our breakthroughs with others. We always aim at collaborating with universities, other institutes, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and the private sector. We invite you to read about our themes and programmes and contact us when you are interested in reinforcing our programmes with your participation.

Join us in the World of Deltares!

The making-of

This app is the result of close cooperation between Deltares and The Argumentation Factory. The Argumentation Factory formulated the questions in this app, Deltares answered them. Afterwards, The Argumentation Factory edited and structured the information and visualised all of it in this app.

The app is a follow up of the previous version: ‘World of Deltares 2013-2016’. This was published as a book of maps in 2013.

The Argumentation Factory would like to thank Deltares for the pleasant cooperation over the years and their effort to provide answers to all our questions.

Katrin Weber
Bas Ebskamp
Sara Blink
Bas Broekhuizen
Willem van den Goorbergh

The way it works

This app presents an overview of the strategic research agenda of knowledge institute Deltares: the World of Deltares. The app aims to inform interested parties about the complete set of activities performed by Deltares: development of knowledge, transfer of knowledge and specialist consultancy.

The main body of this app follows the structure of Deltares’ knowledge portfolio which consists of five themes. Every theme is divided into three or four programmes. The programme Software stands on its own. Within this app Deltares answers questions to provide insight in its activities and ambitions for each theme and programme. For example questions about the goals, geographical presence and ambitions regarding impact on stakeholders.

Besides information about the strategic research agenda the button ‘About Deltares’ provides information about Deltares as an organisation. How is it set up, how does it operate and what kind of people work at Deltares? The revenue of Deltares is also displayed here.